Anomaly in Audio Burns with Premium

This past winter I latched onto one of the last Plextor Premiums sitting around in a warehouse somewhere. I have been using it to burn data CDs, as well as for ripping audio. I have been very, very happy with this drive for either of those tasks. Audio ripping with EAC is exceptional, and data burning to Taiyo Yuden or MAM-A consistently gives me max C1 of 14/sec or less, with average C1 around 0.5. (Of course, C2 and CU are nonexistent.) I am using PlexTools Pro for scanning, at 10-24X CAV.

This past week, I began using the drive to burn a few audio compilations. I have encountered what seems to be an anomalous glitch when I C1/C2 scan these audio CDs. The scan results are very much like those from the above-mentioned data discs, with one strange exception:

There is always a single-channel C1 spike just barely after the start of the scan (about the second or third channel in). And this spike is almost always 32/sec. (Sometimes 31 or 34, but usually 32). It happens on every audio disc I burn, but never happens on a data disc. So the statistics dump from every C1/C2 scan always spits out “32” as the max observed error rate, even though the apparent “real” max error rate is 12 or 14.

I burn both data and audio using ONES (Prassi) software. When I encountered this anomalous spike in my first audio burns, I tried switching over to Easy CD Creator for audio burns; but I got exactly the same result. So the result seems independent of the burning software. I do not have another CD burner, so I can’t check to see if the C1 glitch is specific only to my Premium.

I have attached an image of a typical audio scan. You will see the C1 spike just inside the left edge of the chart. My scans from data discs look just like this, except that there is no anomalous spike.

I have asked Plextor about this, and they have no explanation; they suggested I study my system hardware for some sort of problem. But I don’t even know what to look for .

Has anyone else seen this anomaly in error scans of audio burns? Or can anyone explain its cause? Because the glitch is so consistent in size and location, I have imagined that PlexTools might actually be reading the test burns that PoweRec does in the laser-calibration area. But I’m not knowledgeable enough to know how PlexTools deals with the ATIP area. Nor do I see why this would occur on audio burns and not on data burns.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Well gang, I see that my attachment failed to attach, because it was too big. So here I am trying again, having pasted the bitmap into a Word document.

Hope this works.

Sorry for the error.

Audio Burn 8X Scan 10-24X CAV.doc (28 KB)

I don’t think it’s of any significance. However it’s curious that the results seem to be consistently that way.

Anyway i once found a problem with Jitter when comparing DATA and AUDIO CD-scans. At least it’ll give you some more scans to compare: