Annoying Windows XP sets the region code again :(

Hi everybody ,

I’ve got a Toshiba M-1502 IDE DVD Rom player.

Works great … works perfect…

I’ve made it region free thanks to the firmware page

Now comes the trouble…

I rarely actually play a dvd in this player (rather rip them); Usually i play them in a standalone dvd player which is connected to my dts amplifier and the tv. But i wanted to try if i could play some dvd’s still under Windows XP.

No problem for region 2. And happlily played on.

Now i’ve put in a region 1 dvd and what the hell… even with dvd genie , WinDVD says i should change the region to 1.

Okay … i do that … play a little . and put back in a region 1.
WinDVD comes with no warning so i think everything’s cool and it plays. I put back in a region 1 again.

Then i check the properties of the drive , it tells me it’s region 1 and i’ve got 1 change left before it’s permanent.

Quickly rebooted , flashed it again with a region free firmware and now i’ve got two changes left and no region set.

How can i tell Windows XP it shouldn’t set the region ?
I can tell it to WinDVD in combination with DVD Genie , but how to tell XP ?

You can’t…and it is not needed,this happens because XP is “fooled” by your drive…you can happily play your different region dvd’s and find out that it’s only a cosmetic bug in your drives’ properties…:wink:

It seems that it indeed is.

After reflashing for a zillion times the properties stay at region 1 with 1 change left (Even if i play region 2 dvd’s in it).

Stupid XP :slight_smile:

Thanks !