Annoying Search Symptom

Lately I am getting a symptom that when I go to any WEB page the IE jump to search function, also the search window opens on the right hand side of WEB page. I did some dig in and found out the file causing this is “CLRSCH” which is reside in Windows (XP) Temp Directory and Registry Directory “CLRSCH”, I have try several time deleting it from these two directory rebooting the computer with no success. After deletion and rebooting goes away but comes back after few minutes. It is very annoying. Does any one experiencing this problem and have come up with solution?


ClearSearch is spyware.

Try running Ad-aware ( and Spybot Search & Destroy (

Run them both. Should clear out a majority of the “garbage” in terms of spyware


Thank you for very good solution, I did download both as you suggested and install them the Spybot couldn’t do the job but Ad-aware properly identified the CLRSCH which were quite few files and then delete them all. So far “CLRSCh” hasn’t surface yet and looks like the problem have been resolved.

Thanks Again