Annoying PTPXL Quirks

I’m getting rather fed up with PTPXL. After shelling out the cash for this rather bare-bones program, I expected it to work like an efficient and simple charm. This is not the case, unfortunately.

Hey, speak of the devil, PTPXL gave me a runtime error just now. YAY! :doh:

The program completely fails to remember its basic/advanced settings for my PX-760A. Read speed defaults to 8X CLV (CD) and 2X CLV (DVD), regardless of what I specify and of the SpeedRead CD/DVD feature. PoweRec and BURNproof will turn on/off randomly, and SpeedRead does the same thing. Occasionally, the booktype settings will default as well.

Another quirk: all tracks imported into Audio CD Maker are imported in reverse order, forcing me to drag and drop each and every track to its proper place.

What the fuck is going on here? I like how fast PTPXL can extract audio when the read speed setting actually works, but this is a major pain in the ass. The only solution I’ve come up with so far is to restart my machine.

Relevant specs: XP SP2, PTPXL v3.12, PX-760A 1.06 (secondary master).

I’ve noticed a trend. This only really seems to happen when an audio CD w/a data track is inserted (“enhanced CD”). I assume it’s some crap the RIAA threw onto the disc that stopping it from being ripped at higher speeds. I disabled autoplay and auto insert notification, but it doesn’t help, even though the CD’s autorun program fails to launch.

Edit: This may not be the case. It has happened again with an audio CD that has no data tracks whatsoever.

Plextools will only remember its settings if you deliberately save them or if you have the ‘save settings on exit’ box checked in your preferences AND you click on exit. It doesn’t automatically remember its settings when you switch off your computer.



This isn’t in the options/preferences menu. I can’t save this to the registry or anything. This is under PX-760A->Device Settings->Basic->Disc Velocity->Read Speed.