Annoying PSU noise

OK, when i turn my computer my PSU starts making a loud grating noise. If i put ANY real pressure on it either pushing it from the back or opening my computer and pushing from underneath it stops for till i let go. Now i have tried hover-ing the fan and blowing into it to clean the fan but nothing really worked. After logging into my username on the windows login you can hear the noise breaking down a bit and a few minutes later the noise will be back to the usually humming noise i can bear. I am starting to think that it isn’t actually the fan in the PSU but somrthing else.

I would really only like to be opening the PSU as a last resort (well buying a new PSU is the last resort) because isn’t that a bit too dangerous.

Thanks for you help

i’ve had the same problem with many psu’s in the past, mainly because they were cheap ass ones, which i bought for the least amount possible! The last one i had kept doing exactly what yours is, so i kept hitting it everytime it did, that stopped it in the short term. I opened it up, looked around for anything loose, nothing, so i bought a new one (again). In other words what i’m trying to say is that its probably knackered, you’ll probably have to buy a new one.

Sounds like a bad fan, it’s possible you could just replace it. They start up at full speed and within a minute or so they usually settle into temperature controlled mode.

If it’s a “groaning fan”, the next step is a failed fan … would you believe I’m STILL using a PSU that suffered a traumatic shutdown from that very problem - I’m amazed it survived, and it’s gone back in after two failed replacements (with a new fan).

It’s not really a difficult job to change the fan in a PSU, I’d recommend soldering the joins, having slipped sleeving over the wire to pull back over the join, but twisted and electrical taped would just about do. Sleeving, held in place by being tight, taped or heatshrink, is a lot better than electrical tape on it’s own.

There can be enough voltage left in some of the capacitors to give you a dangerous jolt, but on many PSU’s, its easy enough to keep clear of anything (including the heatsinks!) that may be connected to them.

If you hit the PC Power button after disconnecting the mains, that will normally deplete the remaining charge in the PSU.

Ok hitting it hard works AYYAYAYAY!!! I’ll keep swacking it till it breaks

thats always what i used to do with it, when it started up, the psu would start making this really loud sound, so i’d give it a smack until it shut up. However like i said its only a temporary solution cause it just keeps doing it, so i just kept hitting it, then it done it more often, and i had to keep whacking it harder! Eventually i just got sick of forever hitting my psu and got a new one.

Then i put that one into an old pc, which then wouldn’t boot, so i yet again had to go buy a new one for my old PC!

Sounds like mine did.


The fan is dying, if it goes out altogether, then the power supply may get cooked, and what happens then depends on how well designed it is - anything from taking itself and the motherboard out in a blaze of glory, to a thermal shutdown, or maybe a forced powerdown on loss of “power good”.

The other thing to watch for, is the outflow being slow and hot - on a lightly loaded sytem the PSU outflow should not feel hot, but it’s warm enough not to feel cold.

PSUs are one of the most overlooked components of a PC. do yourself a favor and buy a quality PSU - it’ll save you much headache in the future (not to mention a lot of money cause it won’t kill your other components due to voltage fluctuations, burning out, etc.) and if you’re having stability problems it’ll help those too.