Annoying problem with GSA-4163

Has anyone experienced a drive that didn’t want to give you your DVD back ?

It’s worked fine for a couple of years, but is now getting harder & harder to eject.
To start with it would open most of the way then change it’s mind and close again. Second try would usually get it.
Then it took several attempts, and often opened less & less before snatching the disk away again.

Now I’m up to about 20 presses to get it open !!!
It’s the same using the software to eject it.

I love my drive and don’t want to give up on it, but do I dare open it up ?

All / any advice… please…

Hi and Welcome,

maybe your drive needs some regreasing. There is additional information about opening and servicing in the FAQ


I have two GSA 4163B drives that behave the same way. Taking them apart and greasing the rails and the plastic friction points did not help.
I have retired one of them and have the other in a standby computer that is seldom used…
If there is a cure for the problem I never found it.
I did learn to use a paper clip to open them.

Thanks Michael (and for the welcome).

I assume you’re referring to the advice on greasing the lens mechanism… I’ll give it a go on the eject mechanism tomorrow.

The news from Benhad isn’t encouraging though :frowning:

I had the same problem with a few Samsung DVD combos drives a few years back. Greasing the eject mechanism was only partially successful in this case.

Interestingly one thing that did help with these drives was to right-click the drive icon in Windows and select Eject from the R-click menu. Surprisingly giving it the eject command from Windows seemed to be more successful than using the actual eject button. I don’t know if this will help with the 4163B’s but it can’t hurt to give it a try.

On the plus side, the new versions of the LG drives are very good and as much as I liked my 4163, it gave me my only perfect 100% scan, I use two newer LGs all the time, especially for their ability with Verbatim -R media. Also, $30 or so for a replacement is not too painful.

Probably the drive belt around the motor. The pulleys have either become greasy and/or the belt has stretched. If after cleaning the problem is not solved cut the drive belt (ouch) & snip a small piece out & then place a small dab of super glue to the belt ends to rejoin.

I’ve discoverd a pretty stong magnetic attraction between the spinup motor and the capstan on the outer case …
this doesn’t allow the mechinsm to lower thus not letting the drawer open

I Hadn’t tried cutting the belt (posted AFTER I started screwing around with it) altough I did replace the belt taken from another LG drive

what I did was remove the capstand from the top of the case (what holds the disk down on the motor)
remove the metal insert ( thought about removing metal insert completly )
used 3 “reinforcement labels” ( for broken paper-punched holes “Avery #05729”)

this put more material between the spinup motor and the metal disk above the plastic capstand redusing the magnetic atraction

reassembled and is working fine now …

Chas10e, the problem you are having is the same remedy. It’s not that a greater field of magnetivity is preventing the drawer from opening (ths is required to ensure the CD/DVD is well clamped, otherwise it is likely to slip during fast writing speeds) it is the lack of inertia transfered from the motor to the driving mechanism that prevents it from opening. This can only be caused by the belt having stretched. I’m thinking the one you replaced was either of the wrong size or stretched like the one you replaced. I had this very problem with a bunch of drives all were cured by shortening the drive belt and cleaning the relevant pulleys.

Putting labels inbetween the clamping mechanism will only cause you trouble & weaken the required clamping force to provide a stable rotational spin.

like I said I started screwing with it before I read your post on snipping the belt ( or gettig a brand new one )

I still have the magnetic attraction needed to clamp the disk in place just not as much …

a good electronics supply will have various belts … I;ve gotten them for VCR’s & Cassette decks

but next time I’ll try the superglue thing … it sounds like a great idea!!!

as far as regreasing the rails … is it “white lithium grease” that is used?