Annoying Pop up everytime i right click

Ive installed a trial version of Alcohol 120% after the trial period has expired everytime i right click on any of my drives a message named “Axshlex” always comes up from alcohol saying the period has expired and i should buy it.

i have already uninstalled alcohol 120% but still the pop up wont go away. its annoying. what should i do?

any help to get rid of this annoyance would be very much appreciated. thanks.

Looks like a shell startup monitor leftover dll file. Probably going to have to dig it out of the registry. Likley a bunch of stuff was left in there. Don’t ya just love programs that feel the need to do this stuff. Im my book that would put any chance of me buying it in the trash bin.

Better yet go here, somebody allready did the foot work

Actually it has nothing to do with the registry and there is no registry digging out to do, It was a bug that affected a few systems, it was resolved and the download files replaced within a day of us noticing the problem, it would seem Rokista was unfortunate to download prior to the change or downloaded from another source who were unaware of the problem.

So it was not a case of an intentional pop up, Alcohol does not resort to placing this sort of system into its software.

Don’t ya just love people who make assumptions without knowing the facts.

To resolve it

Please go to C:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120 and try to delete AXShlEx.dll, if you fail to delete it just rename it some different name, then restart windows, then delete the whole folder.

Sorry: It happens so often these days we have come to almost expect it. So yes an assumption in this case was wrong.

big enough shoulders to admit in public when wrong :flower: Bk

Actualy its been a bad day i came over a little strong i oppologise, it just gets my skin up when ppl post things without actualy having the relevant information to hand.

thanks phoenix for the help. appreciate it. sorry feel like im having a part with this bit of a conflict.

il post another msg if i have more problems. thanks again.

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