Annoying limitations of Nero DiscSpeed. How to bypass?

:black_small_square:[SpinUp time CAN BE DISABLED IN SETTINGS​:bangbang:] Waiting 10 seconds for the drive to speed up on each scan/test? I don’t need that at all!
:black_small_square:I need to close IsoBuster each time so that Nero can lock the drive. How can I scan without any need to lock the drive? I know the purpose of locking a drive, but I really do not need that. However, old versions such as (called CD-DVD speed) do not have this annoying limitation.
:black_small_square:DiscSpeed only shows the alphabetically first disc drive when using Windows 8 onwards (drive selection menu). Highly annoying. I have to re-connect drives all the time.
•On the disc quality test, unlike on speed benchmark, Nero behaves wasteful and annoying: It slows down the disc drive to zero rotation speed, just to spin it up directly afterwards. For what/whose sake?

I just want to select the drive and start. No need to lock drive and waste 10 seconds of my life.

How can these limitations finally be circumvented?

If you really feel like getting your hands dirty and have too much free time, you can always decompile or use CheatEngine on any software to make it behave like you want to.

For the drive locking, try running one of the programs in a sandbox (like Sandboxie) so it can’t really lock the drive.

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The problem is that it wants to lock the drive, whick causes it to require me to close several opened programs each time I want to do a scan.

I don’t mind it locking the drive, if it did not require me to close several other applications.

Nero should have thought about how annoying these flaws can be to users. Hopefully, qpxtools has none of them and also allows scanning discs with opened session.

I meant that the software will think that it successfully locked the drive, while in reality it can’t and didn’t. If you run Nero in a sandbox, theoretically, it should not see the open handles to the drive from other non-sandboxed software. Conversely, if you run all your other software except Nero in a sandbox, this software should not be able to open any handles to the drive outside of the sandbox and Nero should not ‘see’ this other software. In practice, this depends on the sandbox implementation and may not work like that, but it may be worth a try.

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