Annoying GSA-H10A problem

Hi everyone,

I have this strange problem. I will try to explain it with evey detail.

AMD Athlon 2000+, 1024 MB Ram, ATI X200

I have one DVD-Reader and one DVD-Writer(GSA-H10A). Until yesterday, DVD-Writer was working perfectly. But, yesterday, I tried to burn a dvd and it didn’t work. When I looked at it from my computer, it showed only CD-ROM on its drive name. And it read no dvds.

I uninstalled and then installed the IDE controllers(secondary and primary), then xp recognized it as HM-UL-DWDSAM GSA-I11A! but problem still remains.

But, I don’t think that it is an IDE cable problem because I changed it twice and still writer doesn’t work but Reader (which is on the same IDE cable with writer) works perfectly.

I had Alcohol 120% virtual drive installed, and I uninstalled it. But couldn’t quite managed it, so deleted some system devices. And tried to install the driver for Writer but I think I installed the CD-ROM driver. May that cause a problem?

Also, when I look at the BIOS, it recognizes the Writer but recognizes it as IL-UL-DWDSAM GSA-H10B. So, it may be in the BIOS too.

So, can you help me? I will format c:, but before it I want to try every possible thing. And I don’t want to format HDD in vain if it is not a software problem but a hardwarew problem.

Thanks a lot. Any help will be appreciated greatly.

As you can see from the drive id, the wrong characters differ from the expected values in BIT0 and BIT1 of the data bus. Use a 80 wire cable, do not connect a second device to the cable and check that the pins at the motherboard and drive connectors are not bended and do not touch each other.