Annoying click at end of WAV files



Hi. My Sony DVD/CD player doesn’t play FLAC files so, when I have such a file, I convert it to WAV using Xilisoft Converter. Sometimes I’ll edit the resulting WAV file with WavePad. When burnt to DVD disc and played on my Sony, each WAV file ends with a distinct ‘click’ which is mildly annoying (there’s no noise at all when an MP3 file comes to its end).

Bit of a long shot I know, but can anyone suggest cause/cure for this problem?

Many thanks.


To me, it seems like a bug with the CD/DVD player. I remember someone’s Hi-Fi system doing something similar after each track ended, giving a “pop” sound like a record player needle hitting a record.

Just in case it’s caused by a DC offset at the end of the wave file, i.e. where the sound wave doesn’t return to the middle at the end of the wave file, try the following to see if either helps:

[li]Use an audio editor to do a 1 second fade out at the end.[/li][li]Perform #1 and add 2 seconds of silence at the end of the wave file.[/li][/ol]

Both method should result in the wave returning to the middle at the end, with the second suggestion giving a bit of extra silence in case the player cuts off a second or two before the end. If these two attempts don’t help, then unfortunately I don’t think there is a way of overcoming the glitch.


Too many tools used IMO…Try audacity, import the flac(s) edit and save as wav…Burn the wav(s)
If no editing of flacs are needed, then try better(IMO) audio conversion apps/tools…foobar2k, dBpoweramp, etc…


Thanks both. It’ll be a while yet before I’ve enough material for a new DVD but I’ll try your suggestions. Thanks again.