Annoying adverts and trailers option

I am a bit confused about this option.

What does it exactly do? Does it just get rid of the “annoying adverts and trailers” before the movies and enable it to go straight to the menus or does it do more?

Any help is appreciated thanks.

Have a nice day

it enables it to go straight to the movie

insert the dvd and the movie begins (no annoying adverts and trailers, no menu)
[but of course everything is copied an you can go to the menu by pressing the
corresponding button on your remote)

you can test the effect using your PC DVD Player

Right mouse button for help…

Have you actually looked at the “help” for that option, though? It says exactly this (in AnyDVD version

If this option is enabled, AnyDVD will modify the DVD, that the main feature plays immediately. Please note, that this feature may not work with all DVD titles.

This indicates that the main feature will play immediately, but it doesn’t really say what the option changes on the disc. Does “modify the DVD” mean that it removes certain content? Does it mean that it leaves the content in, but configures the DVD to simply skip it?

These are rhetorical questions, assuming frisk is correct in his answer above.

it means that it leaves the content in, but configures the DVD to simply skip it…

Thanks; that’s what I thought frisk was saying, too.

For me, this feature alone makes AnyDVD worth paying for (and I just did register, thanks also to quick responses from SlySoft support on another matter). Having to wait and screw around for the main feature to start, after inserting a DVD, makes me absolutely furious (especially when I have an anxious two-year-old on my hands).

And who are the idiots who decide that when someone presses the “Menu” button on their DVD player, what they really want is to see a two-minute animation before the menu finally appears?

I hope SlySoft continues to improve this feature, as needed.