Annoyance: forum template popup



I keep getting this slightly delayed popup inserted near top of screen no matter where I go or what I do. It is becoming annoying. I have no interest in using the entire width of my screen, which is already nicely filled, thank you, on my 4x3 CRT monitor! I’m not seeing any ads, and my current template (whatever it may be?) seems pleasantly clean enough. Maybe users with widescreen monitors would be better prospects for your new template.


Click the red ‘x’ at the right of the notice and refresh the page.

From a quick check here with a test account, once the message is closed, it will not appear again, even after logging out and back in.


[QUOTE=JohnnyBob1;2696364]I’m not seeing any ads […][/QUOTE]
Just btw., I’m using Firefox with AdBlock Plus and NoScript and redundancy filtering with: