Announcing DVDSubEdit

Announcing DVDSubEdit:
Beta 0.62 of DVDSubEdit can be found here

DVDSubEdit allows you to visualize and make modifications to the subpics (subtitles or button highlights in menus) directly inside the VOB files, without the need to demux and remux the subpic stream.
DVDSubEdit has the following features:

[li] Drag/drop one or several vob files, the analysis is done in the background. You can start looking at the SPUs right away.
[/li][li] Displays the subpics along with the background video, reading the Color Lookup Table from the IFO.
[/li][li] You can move the subpicture up and down and see the result right away.
[/li][li] You can select subpictures by stream ID (language) or by Vob/Cell IDs and only move the selected subpictures.
[/li][li] When you’re satisfied with what you see, simply click “Save all changes”. Saving takes a few seconds, and you can test your modification in your favorite software player.

As usual, feedback is welcome on this thread!

DVDSubEdit Beta .62

  • The application is now called DVDSubEdit (I slightly altered ricardo.santos’ suggestion here!).
  • The subpic language is displayed in the stream selectiong drop-down. The display can change as you go through the SPUs as they might be referenced by different PGCs with different stream setups.
  • When opening a “middle” vob in a vts (e.g. VTS_01_2.VOB), the first subpic was often displayed the wrong way (not CLUT
    and no background video) because no navpack had been found prior to the subpic pack. DVDSubEdit now skips
    the first subpic pack if no navpack can be found before it.
  • Tried to improve (but didn’t succeed entirely) the display of the first subpic (flickering etc).

Link doesn’t work with FF.

Sorry about that. It’s fixed now…

Nice tool, like your MenuShrink