Announcement: The end of political discussions on Myce

When I started the site back in 1997, I was only 17. I always wanted this to be a place where people from all over the world could meet, get to know each other and heck, maybe even make babies together. I wanted to censor as little as possible and make everyone feel welcome.

Many people from all over the world came together to talk to each other and learn from each other. We all shared the feelings that no company would limit us in what we bought, that we wanted the best bang for our buck when it came to storage hardware, and that piracy doesn’t only have negative sides.

Together we saw the world change, optical discs slowly becoming replaced by other technology and the internet has become more serious than it was in 1997. We had to forbid threads discussing grey areas and I even had to leave the site for some years.

I was young, call me naive and I always wanted this to be a place to discuss anything. But one thing, through all the years has been an issue for me and the team. Discussions on politics and religion. When many of the team felt we should forbid them, I tried to convince people we shouldn’t. I often succeeded, as it went well for a while, but only until the next disastrous thread appeared.

For years and years this has caused people to leave, and this week, the team and I have decided to stop allowing discussions about politics and religion.

When I come to think of it, I still don’t understand why we didn’t make this decision earlier.

As I’ve stated before, this is a place where people from all over the world meet. We have so many people with different backgrounds, religions, cultures etc. It’s natural for people to disagree, and it’s therefore likelier to generate never ending discussions that can only end up in insults and anger.

The fact that this is a place where people from over the world meet, should be something to cherish. It would be better to focus on what connects us, instead of what separates us.

There are many things here that we can agree about, and there’s enough to talk about without politics and religion. Let’s go that way together and let’s focus on what brings us together!

Therefore, I and my team will need to find a way of dealing with this. We don’t want to close any thread that has a slight reference to politics or religion. We don’t want to be policing too much either and I’m sure most of you understand what we mean by politics and religion.

Unfortunately there will always be people that will challenge us. That will try to find where our limits are. Therefore we will make some amendments to the rules:

[li]We do not allow, nor condone any messages containing: Language that is offensive, obscene, vulgar, sexually orientated, hateful, threatening, or violates any laws;…
[li]We do not allow rude and disrespectful behaviour, whether it is to fellow members of this forum or the staff of this forum.
[/li][li]The staff (moderators and administrators) reserve the right to edit, close, move or delete threads, edit signatures, and remove avatars, when necessary.
[li]Myce is an international gathering and therefore not the place to discuss politics, religion, or any other controversial subjects. As these subjects are hard to define the decision as to whether a post contravenes these rules will be left to the sole discretion of the staff. If you disagree with any decision you can always appeal to an admin.

While we obviously already did this before, our goal is still to treat people equally, transparently, and apply the rules consistently.

I hope everyone will understand the reasons for this decision and will bear with us while we start to make the transition. Also staff members are humans, so we’ll likely make mistakes, but never fear to point them out to us, it’s a learning curve for all of us and we appreciate your support.


Well done Domi.

I usually am not bias one way or another but I agree with this decision, we are not a Political forum and trying to respect everyone’s views was difficult , and I see why, but it cannot be tolerated in what I see as a friendly but informative forum. I hope this decision is viewed as a positive step for because it was not an easy one for Domi to make.:slight_smile:

Thanks to all. It was a difficult decision, I’m glad for the closure…

I usually [I]do[/I] have a bit of bias one way or another, though I don’t typically make it directly known. :wink:

This time, however, I must say it’s quite alright to see this happen. :iagree:

I’ve always said if we are to be friends do not talk politics or religion,either one is the fastest way to lose a friend.I think Domi did right this isn’t a political site so why do we need a thread on the subject.( and this decision should not be a reason to leave the site)

Well as far as I am concerned, it is a reason to STAY with the forum


Guess I can ask for an endorsement to run for supreme ruler of the world then…

No Rob, DOG has already told me the job is mine…lol

Well…no more political thoughts around here - guess I have to settle with entertainment and education.
Please don’t push the red button.

Domi, your decision is respected and supported by
<========= this guy. :wink:

Thanks for all the comments so far, it means a lot to me. It was a tough decision and it’s good to see it’s supported!

As a person that pushed for the forum, I really don’t have an issue with your decision. If discussions in the political forum stayed with politics and not religion then it would have likely been easier to manage. I do think it was a good exercise in how to deal with the odd political discussion that arises here in the future. I do appreciate the effort that was made to experiment with a forum of this nature.

Hear about the terrorist that hijacked a 747 full of politicians?
He threatened to release one every hour if his demands weren’t met.

Three politicians walk into a bar and order three beers.
“You can’t stay here!” says the bartender.
“Why not?” the politicians ask.
“This is the MyCE Club!” answers DoMi and kicks them all out! :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2724233]Hear about the terrorist that hijacked a 747 full of politicians?
He threatened to release one every hour if his demands weren’t met.

Three politicians walk into a bar and order three beers.
“You can’t stay here!” says the bartender.
“Why not?” the politicians ask.
“This is the MyCE Club!” answers DoMi and kicks them all out! :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]


<========= This member watches the whole story from the dark corner of the bar. Puffs on his cig and looks down at his worn CDFreaks t-shirt.

Sounds like a sensible (and unfortunately nesscesary) decision. :clap: So long as there isn’t a complete ban on humour.

The [I]perfidderati[/I] must be mocked, it’s to only way to remain sane(-ish). :iagree:

Yo JW-

[B]GOOD move [/B]- and IMO - overdue - but I give you and the team kudos for giving it a good/long trial-eh!! :bow: :clap:

There is a legal principal:
“Truth is it’s own defense”.
I believe what I am posting below is true & that is my defense.

I’m not opposed to the closing of the “political subforum” . I never thought it was necessary.
I think that politics &/or religion should be discussed in the whole forum . Ideas about each should be able to be even strongly supported . The catch is civility in doing so.No name calling,etc. A forum by definition is a place to discuss subjects.

The new rules are very little different than before the “political subforum” was created. If admin or staff considers a thread or post too political or religious they remove it. And maybe admonish the posting member.
This was still done even in the “political subforum” so it also didn’t change things much.

The admin & staff come with their political & religious views .This influences what the admin or staff consider to be political or religious.
I’m including the atheists & agnostics in the religions group.The majority of atheists & agnostics support their position like zealots.

If a non-staff member points out that a thread or post is political or religious they are admonished for doing so with the “it is the admin or staff that makes this decision: it is not your place to do it”. Sometimes the non-staff member gets more admonishment than the member that violated the rules.

I have this to say: A non-staff member may have as good or even better judgement. I have seen admin & staff refuse to admit a thread or post is political or religious even when it is but they don’t want to consider it to be. Just because they are admin or staff doesn’t mean they are correct . I won’t say what that makes them look like when most of the non-staff members know what the truth is.

I support “freedom of speech” & IMO it is the forums loss for not allowing it.
This is one reason I dislike an admin or staff removing a post that didn’t violate any of the printed rules.
One that falls into the “discretionary removal” basically because they didn’t like what was posted.
This seems to be a place to also bring up the “hit & run” staff thread close.
A staff member posts their 2 cents & closes the thread .
Sometimes to not be the staff member to close they thread & appear unfair they have another staff member close the thread .
Usually in the next thread after they put in their 2 cents. This hasn’t gone over the heads of some of the non-staff members of this forum.
In fact it has been discussed via PM & sometimes email to make sure what in discussed is secure.
I won’t violate any trust that has been made in those & I don’t believe anyone that I have discussed it with will.

This quote sums up my thoughts on the “new” rule about political & religious discussion. As far as this forum is concerned.
" What is it to say goodbye to the swift & the hunt,the end of living & the beginning of survival".

I will leave it to the admin & staff to figure out which post it is in this thread. It is anti-religious in nature & an offense to me. Possibly to others that are religious.
In another thread it might be overlooked but shouldn’t be it this thread started by the site owner about ending political & religious discussion on this forum.

A thread could be started that defines what is political & religious discussion but that would violate the “new” rule. A catch22.

Thanks for posting cholla, I know you have your ideas about this and appreciate you took the time to write.

Obviously you are right, things are not always handled ‘strict’. But I don’t want to hire a legal team to produce exact rules, and I hope people here will have some confidence that we’ll try to handle everything as fair and balanced as we can. You can always appeal to an admin and ultimately to me.

We’ve also thought about defining political and religious but even then loopholes might be found, which will still result in discussion. As with many things in life, we have to find a balance between what to allow and not to allow.

As I’ve stated before, I would rather focus on subjects that connect us. There is so much more than politics and religion to discuss!