Anna virus spreading fast

I just posted the article Anna virus spreading fast.

Looking for jpegs of Anna Kournikova in your inbox? Be aware, looking at her photos may unleash a worm on your PC.

There’s a new virus spamming the world. Anna (a.k.a., VBS/SST, Kalamar,…

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Everyday a new virus… at least they have better names now… no more Ripper and Chernobil… now we have I love you and Anna (btw have you seen her fake nude pics? :4

This is not a new virus, but just an old one that has come to life again. McAfee has detection for this one since august 2000, so I guess anyone infected it’s their own fault.

I especially like this part:

Also, Anna schedules itself to connect to a Dutch computer shopping Web site,, every January 26th. :wink:
Maybe it’s a homemade virus by DynaByte :slight_smile:

It was a 20 year old Dutch guy, who went to the police after he saw the impact his homemade virus made… DiONiX

Hmm yes he did, it was advised by his parents… Yust never open unknown !! .VBS !! files ,@!@ … :8