Anna Kournikova virus author stands trial



I just posted the article Anna Kournikova virus author stands trial.

Now where MaffiaBoy gets sended to jail,The dutch goverment give`s the author of the famoust Anna Kournikova virus a 240-hours community service…

Lawyers for 20-year old Jan de Wit have…

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Ballef…Whack his Pee Pee. Then hang the fucker… :slight_smile:


Hey, at least he chose a HOT person to use for his virus! :slight_smile: I’d have her :slight_smile: xxx (those are for her)


This is my first post, just testing. Oh, and Anna Kournikova is one hot chick. DC rules!


sorry cdfreaks, I didn’t see that couldn’t post other stuff, I won’t again. Anna Kournikova virus. I heard about it, but never experienced it. Good or bad thing? Maybe both! :9