Anime vcd and divX

My anime collection is growing, but I’m still looking for more, so if you have series or movies of high quality (DVD-rips, divX, original VCD), please contact me. I’m especially looking for Jin-Roh, an excellent movie by the way, you really gotta see it. Belgians, Jin-Roh is playing in the UGC de Brouckère in Brussels, every day at 22h in a tiny room with only 72 seats. Go today! (Japanese spoken, French subtitles)
For a list of my stuff:
I still have to add some cd’s today though.
We could also swap via FTP, I’ve got a cable connection.

check out:
is a friend of mine…has a lot of DivX/VCD Anime…hist listing is not always up 2 date so mail him for an up 2 date listing…