Anime episode rips



i’m tryin to rip an anime with episodes, and i can’t rip it right away from dvd2one. cause it has about 5 seperates episodes on it. I have rippd other anime series with episodes on it, and only rippd the audio track english, and workd fine. but i’m having problems with this paticular one. I tried to follow this guide…

but i get to the vobedit section, and it messes up here, he says somewhere to “save” and that option isn’t avaliable to me. i belive i dont think i’m doing something wrong, cause i followd his guide verbatim. :confused:

The problem i have having is… after i burn the dvd, i can watch the first episode perfectly, then when it goes to the next episode, it dosn’t play. ofcourse it plays on my computer, but not on my stand alone dvd player. please let me know whats going on, or if anyone can help me. thanks


Are you wishing you had a guide like this? I even wrote after I successfully backed up a Gundam anime DVD when 1.0.1 just came out. Try it out. Dealing with Episodes in Separate Titlesets using DVD2One


hey 2cool, i tried your guide, but it seems to be a lil bit confusing to me… i’m sorrie to say i guess i’m still a bit new to all of this. if it is possible, can you make it a little more easier for me? and let me explain where i get lost…

from steps 9 and above I get lost… step 10 and 17 are very very confusing… plus when i made the vobs, it was pretty lq, i guess its because of the menus, is there a way to take the menus completely out so i can improve the quality of the movie?

also, i tried to follow it best i can, but in the end, my episode vobs were 4.11 and like you said i jus copied em over but the menu itself was about 400 mbs and so it went over, and i couldn’t do anything… i tried to make the menus down to about 200 or so, but dvd2one wouldn’t do it for some reason… if you know a way to take out the menus, and make an idiot guide, please help me out… you have been helping me a lot, and i thank you for it…