Anime avi to dvd


i want to know how to convert anime avi to dvd using CCE… i previously used tmpegenc to encode movies to mp2 format which takes roughly around 12 hours for around 2 hours of video…but following chickenman’s guide using CCE…i converted that video in just less than 3 hours…which is already a huge improvement…so i would like to have some help in converting anime to dvd using CCE…i think it’s possible to have around 240mins of video in one dvd right?(or can it be longer? :stuck_out_tongue: ) i plan to convert all my animes to dvd now so i can watch them better in my standalone player :bigsmile:

(also help on CCE on converting anime to vcd please :stuck_out_tongue: ) because using tmpeg i convert one anime eps in 40mins…i hope it’s possible with CCE to lessen the time encoding???


P.S. i’m sorry if this has been answered before…

anyone knows how to fit 10eps of anime into 1 dvd? they are 22 mins each episode of anime…tnx

hav u got the anime converted?? To like MPG format?? If u do…wat program u use and how long per episode did it take???

i used tmpeg enc…and it took 40 mins to convert 20mins of anime episode…i wanna know how to use CCE to make mpg format coz i think its faster

i dunno how to use cce but i just wanna ask: is the quality after you convert the video alot worse?? Like all squarry and stuff cause this is wat happened when i converted using TMPG…