Animals we don't need

The world is full of humans!

But somewhere in long lost forgotten rainforests there are still some useless wild animals. It’s about time we, as the dominant species on this planet, put a stop to this nonsense. There are plenty of animals which are perfect for humankind. To eat them, to wear them, to kill other humans, work for us, and so forth.

Which animal do we defenitely not need?


Nah, we need those to get rid of all those rotting corpses in our countless wars. Think of the graves we had to dig if we didn’t have bugs to get rid of rotting flesh.

ow… offcourse… Mosquito’s then?

I guess they can go. I don’t remember mosquito’s killing pandas or other stupid endangered species for us perfect humans.

were the bugs not defeated in Starship Troopers?

Bin Laden! Do we really need it?



Serve no useful purpose whatsoever. It’s not even funny when they sting politicians.

This is a good choice for elimination.

Because of these you have a lot of Lyme disease in Sweden.

LOL at the poll results. Belvedere, something terrible animal-related must have happened to you in your youth no? :smiley:

Krill… krill are shitty animals. Who eats krill anyways?

the domestic cat, bloody usless creatures, they prance around all like there some kind of royalty :Z

feed them to the lions i say :iagree:

na people from wales eat leeks

Yeah, i was attacked by a ninja polar bear. Never got over it :slight_smile:

Yeah - I’ve seen them as well. Scary.

Here’s one coiled up and ready to spring on its next victim…

[ … ] / I am so angry at this poll that i want to kill you!

we need all of them it’s 1 big chain … if u take one part of it … it will probobly calapse :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! A bunny bear!

Who needs 'em?!?!

yappy rat dog Chihuahuas!!! can anyone say rat trap!!! SNAP!!!