Animal carnage

Did you ever kill animals? Maybe to protect someone or because you were attacked by one. Share your stories about the joy of killing insects or tell us the sad tale where you had to cap Old Yeller.

I once had to put a bird out of its misery. It tried to fly through a window at high speed, but unfortunately failed. Both its wings broke and the beak wasn’t in the right place anymore. No chance of recovery.

The bird kamikazed against my car! But it looked pretty dead before being smashed by the truck behind me.

Bugs do not matter as they are the most successfull species on our planet. So kill away, cause they will always come back.

Torturing spiders!! Muahahaha (insert evil laugh here). If one really makes me mad, I have been known to capture it in a cd spindle and shake violently. hehe. Wanna know something really strange? Other day, I open the sie panel on my case and there was an effing spider web in there! How the hell did that happen? There are no big gaping holes on my case oh well. Couldn’t find the bugger in there. Guess he moved out. I think bugs like electronics, noticed a spider running for the xbox the other day, got cut off by a shoe, oops. As I was typing this a moth landed on my keyboard and was just chilling. Didn’t even see him until I looked down. wtf, wtf.

I’ve indirectly killed 2 cows, 6 pigs, some horses and loads of chicken by buying at the local butchers :slight_smile:

The rest is roadkill and I’m sorry for that!

Bugs and stuff I kill for fun :slight_smile:
I’ve got an extreme anger towards wasps e.a. bugs that sting…

A Pheasant by accident tho hit the front of my car it was dark so i didnt stop and by the time i got to my destination the poor thing fried on my radiator :(…
bugs all the time i have a vast collection on my numberplate:p

used to catch mice in a plastic bag spin around the bag for 2 mins then tip out .mice try to run away but are too dizzy to do so :bigsmile: it dont kill them but its real funny :iagree:


Personally I think he is full of it

charter member back in the day of People Eating Tasty Animals

As far as I’m concerned, the insect kingdom gets a quick division into friend, foe, or unknown.

While I’m not particularly keen on spiders (especially big ones), they do get the “friend” classification, since they are normally a predator of undesirable insects.

If it’s a useful garden predator, then it gets captured and and thrown out, rather than killed.

Outside, ONE insect is on my “shoot on sight” list, the Lily Beetle, a nasty piece of work that eats Lily plants, as does it’s larval stage, and being an introduced species, it has few natural enemies, so is of no use to the natural food chain.

Based on that perspective, humans are pretty useless creatures as well :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Stupid people have lots of predators :wink:
Give me hand putting up this lion petting sign :slight_smile:

does working in a meat works count?

Spiders mostly, why can’t they stay out of my house!

Endangered species have seen my shotgun :iagree::iagree::iagree:

Cerb, you’ve been listening to too much metal lately. :smiley: :iagree:

of course yes :slight_smile:

Bugs that want to crawl on me feel my wraith.

I had a dog about 8 years ago that was really bad off that needed to be put down and since i really didnt want to do it I called a friend of mine. Well he came over and was ready to do it so i went inside so i didnt have to see and hear as little as possible. Well I heard it and the dog yelping in in misery and i went out to see what happened and he was just toying with it. I didnt want it to suffer any m ore so I grab the gun and had to do it. :sad:

And as far as bugs if i see then I kill them they are just nasty :Z . I spay the house and around it to prevent them but there is always the rare occasion.

blood where?