Angle titles cause problems?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Region 1. There are two seemingly identical titles on the DVD.

Main Movie rip one of them; re-encode with DVD Rebuilder. When converting that output to an ISO with DVD Shrink, I always get a message about some missing file or part of a file (sorry, didn’t write it down). Somewhere along the line, one of the programs (probably DVD Fab) displayed a message about the disc having an alternate angle available.

Rip the entire disc and there’s no problem.

But I don’t want the entire disc. I just want a copy of the main movie the kids can mangle.

Why does a main movie rip fail while a full disc rip succeeds? Does DVD Fab have a special setting or set up for films with those alternate angle shots?

Hi teh roxxors, I am sorry to notice you that with Main Movie mode, after copying, you can get a DVD movie with Multi-Angle. Sorry to say that single-Angle is not avaiable.
Thanks for your kindly understanding.

@ teh roxxors , I may have a solution .
Here’s what Ive done :
I ripped The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with DVDFab DVD Copy
(I don’t have any v. 9 & I don’t plan to.)
I used “Main Movie” DVD 9 size .
I have DVD Copy settings to remove menus, warnings. etc.
I also remove unwanted audio tracks .
I ripped this to a hard drive folder.
Only one angle can be selected in DVD Copy.
If you check with DVDShrink Re-Author you will find that DVD Copy rips both angles.

Next: I attempted to encode with DVD Rebuilder.
All went well & DVD Rebuilder has the “ANGLE and/or INTERLEAVING is present” message .
This isn’t the problem. The “Prepare” & “Encode” went without any problem . The Rebuild went to 100% but gave two warnings . The second one closed DVD Rebuilder .
The DVD folders & files seemed to all be there. They test played OK in VLC player .
I just didn’t like that it finished with the warning below:

So I thought that DVDFab DVD Copy may have been the problem with this newer release .
I recently got PassKey for DVD & it should work with new releases.
I ripped the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 DVD again with PassKey for DVD.
This is a full size rip with nothing removed . Just decrypted.
I then did the “Main Movie” rip as above from that.
This should have eliminated any problem with the new release.
I still got the same errors from DVD Rebuilder.

This is what I did.
I used FixVTS on the second DVDFab DVD Copy rip.
I believe it would work the same on the first rip but I had already deleted it.
I then Copy , Cut , & Pasted the FixVTSBackup folder from the VIDEO-TS folder. To another folder In case I needed it . I didn’t want it in the VIDEO_TS folder I was going to encode with DVD Rebuilder.
I then encoded the “Fixed” VIDEO_TS folder with DVD Rebuilder.
This time no warnings .
I then created an .ISO with DVDShrink using Full Disc & no compression. This worked fine & no warnings from DVDShrink.
When I open the .ISO with DVDShrink File/Open Disc Image & select Re-Author both angles are still there.
So the “Fix” is using FixVTS in the right place.
I know that isn’t a step you should need to take.
DVDFab DVD Copy shouldn’t need FixVTS to be used.
It doesn’t for most movies but it is what worked with
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

@ teh roxxors , Did FixVTS work for you ?
Or did you find another way to rip & burn the main movie ?
If you did please post it as I would be interested in knowing it.