Angle In Angle Out

Hi guys i have just done a copy of without a paddle and at the beginning of the movie on the burned disc i get angle in for about a couple of mins. and then it says angle out and keeps popping up at different times in the movie its nothing seriouse just annoying. when i open clone dvd2 there are two main movies 01 Angle 1 and 01 Angle 2 i have deselected one or the other of these on different burns but in each case the words angle in and angle out still keep appearing and i cant seem to disable it.Any thoughts :confused:

Without a paddle Region 2 Pal
English Dolby AC-3/6
English Dolby AC-3/2
English Dolby AC-3/2 Are selected
Audio channels are
2 channel
6 channel English. I have burned just 01 angle1 allso just 01 Angle 2 and allso with both selected :confused:

Once there was a thread (maybe some posts) dealing with the same problem here in CDF. So, please do a search. If my memory does not fail me, there was no specific outcome of the discussion., though.

Btw, what is the brand of your standalone (Philips)?

will do thanks

CloneDVD keeps the IFO files as close to the original as any manipulation of these could cause playback problems in some rare cases.

hanginthere_52, all you need to do is to setup your DVD player not to display when an alterative angle is available.

Problem is you can’t turn off the angle icon on some DVD players. Try main movie only mode. I switch to DVDShrink/Nero for that.

Later, Conrad

Thanks for your thoughts on this conrad :iagree:

Thanks to you allso peebZ