Anger Management

When someone really, really pisses you off, what do you do?

Suppose the boss wanders in, and asks you do something, then micromanages you for the next half an hour while you do it. Then getting bored he wanders off for about 10 minutes which you spend putting the final touches to the masterpiece. After presenting the results of the effort, he then makes a few suggestions, which totally alter the original intent. Working hard for a few hours to change the layout / concept & re-render a whole bunch of images, you then present the results, then he red pens it, and returns it to you in about 30 seconds. After another tedious hour of working, you finish the end product and present it again. But at this point in time, decides that he prefers the original, as he doesn’t want the customer to get swayed by the fancy layout/etc of the new layout / concept. The next day, he presents the case to the customer, including your work. But then decides to hold back on your work, as he doesn’t want the customer to be too convinced & swayed by the perfect concept, as it might be too hard to achieve in reality. But he files it away in his concepts folder, just in case, for backup material.

At this point, you are dreaming of pulling out your BFG, blowing the guys head off & then skewering the rest, dropping hot tar & setting it alight.

But in reality, what do you do?

Your other half has been bitching at you all night, and keeps threatening to dump you. You just want to get away for awhile & think about things, but your other half just keeps spurring you on. You have images of bludgeoning her to death with your cordless mouse, or a salt shaker.

But in reality, what do you do?

Your friend asks imbecilic, and very tedious questions about the best computer hardware he has to spend his hard earned cash on. You spend ages drilling into his head that most hardware will be suitable, but whatever he does, DO NOT GET the XYZ hardware cos it sucks for about a zillion reasons. 30seconds in the company of a salesman and he buys the shitty hardware at greatly inflated prices, when he could have wandered across the road & they’d have paid him to take it off their hands.

You see red! You see images of strangling him with your hands free kit, stringing him up in a tree by his goolies & beating him like a pinata, all the while assuring him that he made the right decision, feeling those words drag across your tongue like a razor.

But in reality, what do you do?

Just 3 situations.

Try to close your mouth (in case of your boss) :slight_smile:

To the Boss: Talk to the hand! No! Talk to Mr Knuckle … and his almost identical twin … deep & meaningful conversation in full swing here (no metaphor intended)… Ooooooh they have such alot of talking to do :wink:

I’ve been angry three times in my 30 year life. First time was when i still was an ADHD kid of 4, second time i nearly crippled my brother when i seriously beat him up. The 3rd time i beat my fists on the wall till they started bleeding.

heehee…i think u should just bludgeon her to death with your cordless mouse, or a salt shaker (ur other half),probably that’d work;-)

Ah! yes, but then the problem then would be that I’d miss her afterwards…

hmm…maybe…well,maybe you should just get her to surf CDfreaks with ya,this shit is lots of fun for newbies;-)