Angelina Jolie to cause Blu-ray sales?

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A studio executive told Variety Magazine two days ago that Angelina Jolie’s Wanted could bring Blu-ray to the next level. Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios home entertainment, said this…

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The problem is “Wanted” looks like it’s going to suck a la “Shoot 'em Up”. “The Matrix” was fantastic. That’s the #1 thing holding Blu-Ray back, titles that suck.

Matrix was not that good.

Bring Iron Man to blu-ray faster and you can expect a huge leap. Some people say Transformers to bluray will do the trick but honestly everyone saw Transformers more than 20 times so not sure about that. Iron Man will!!

Angelina Jolie’s love melons in hi-def. At last.

what they mean is the matrix was the first dvd to have loads of interactive content (which incidently would not play on quite a few of the early dvd players) and loads of dvd players where sold on the back of that one dvd
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I saw “Wanted”. It was not comparable to “The Matrix”. I doubt if it will cause any sequels to be released, let alone stimulate an increase in Blu-Ray sales.

“WANTED” could bring Blu-ray to the next level? Not so quick. Weekend Box-Office last week (June 25-27): - Wall-E = $63 million - Wanted = $50 million Compared to Iron Man first weekend box office nearl $100 million (May 2-4). Btw, Matrix (April 2-4, 1999) = $27 million Matrix Reloaded (May 16-18, 2003) = $91 million Matrix Revolution (Nov 7-9, 2003) = $47 million Anyway, Angelina Jolie is da bomb! :B