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I recently brought a site up. I decided to try out the HTML. I now want to make a second page for my website, and a button in the main page that will take me there. I’m asking if there are any commands that allow me to do this in the HTML editor. Is this even possible? I wrote to Angelfire and they wrote back saying I should read the FAQs!!..This got me mad because I had searched and searched and found nothing on FAQ and they write back saying THAT?!..Oh well…I was hoping someone here could help me :smiley: Thanks a lot!

?, yust type in the sourcecode: <a href=>text</a>

Ok…I’m confused…maybe I wasn’t clear enough…How can I create it and start editing it…in the same Index file of page one? Just putting a code at the end of my first page? Cause I just don’t want a button…I want to actually work on the second page and edit it just like I do for the first page in the index file. Thanks!

On the first page you have already created, you have to make a ‘link’ to the second page.

Where? Not on the end! But somewhere in the middle or so, where you want the link… If you want the link on the top of the first page you put the link on the top. If you want the link on the bottom of the first page, you put the link on the button on the code.

Now about the link. The code of the link is this:

<A HREF=“page2.htm”>click here for the second page</A>

put this code on your first page.

Now create a second page (just like you created your first page) and call it ‘page2.htm’.

If you click on the link on the first page you will now be forwarded to the second page. (leaving the first one)…

Try it :slight_smile:

btw: this is really really really basic HTML stuff, and I understand that Angelfire can’t answer EVERY html question… Fortunately we have a webdesign forum @ CD Freaks :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

I know this is basic trust me…Thankfully there’s forums like this for a newbie like me :slight_smile:

Ok, I got the link part now…now how do I create the second page LOL…you said just like you created the first one…I’m just confused…is it by creating a new index file? Can you fix me up on that one? thanks a lot!

page 1:


<meta author=MarCor>

<p>Hi, welcome to my site</p></br>
<p>check page 2 <a href=page2.html>HERE</a></p>




<title>my second page</title>
<meta author=MarCor>

<p>Hi, welcome to my second page</p></br>
<p>check page 1 <a href=index.html>HERE</a></p>


Now you save them upload them to the same dir and run it!

Thanks A LOT! I figured it out :smiley:

You really should check out HTML Goodies. There are some very clear written tutorials over there. It helped me out a lot when I was just starting out! :slight_smile:



HTML is so fucken easy you won’t need any help!

ok now I have another question :slight_smile:

I do I line up my things, I know it’s the “left” or “center” command…it’s just that sometimes it doesn’t work :frowning:

What should I do when it doesn’t work?


Add “allign=” and then right, left or center to the code.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Add “allign=” and then right, left or center to the code.

You can better use ‘align=’… then perhaps it could work :wink:

<div align=“right”>Text right</div>
<img src=“picture.jpg” align=“right”>

Some people never give up! :stuck_out_tongue: