Android root exploit likely affected 100k before Google response

Android root exploit likely affected 100k before Google response.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Malware is nothing new in the Android Market, but most of the threats have been minimal and fairly easy to spot with a keen eye. Now, however, a new and very serious threat has been detected by an Android app developer whose creation was targeted by scammers as a front for their data-stealing code. And according to that developer, Google took a full week to respond to alerts regarding those threats.

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fyi this exploit does not work on froyo 2.2 so the numbers affected will be much lower than stated

It was waiting to happen wasn’t it? Well ‘at least’ they acted albiet slowly, unlike a certain firm based near the Bay but then fruit don’t get viruses do they, so we dont know will we?

the response from google now has been to remote delete of the dodgy apps then force the install and run of android market security tool which removes the exploit. Then google emailed the affected handsets to tell them what had been done.
Oh and they have also contacted the authorities on the bastards who did this.
So by now the amount of people infected will be those who have not had their phones on or have data switched off.
Not sure how good google having the power to install stuff without the users say so is but in this case its probably been a good thing