Android malware steals Google account data of millions devices

We’ve just posted the following news: Android malware steals Google account data of millions devices[newsimage][/newsimage]

Security firm Check Point warns for a new mobile malware variant that it has called Gooligan. The malware infects devices through legitimate looking apps that are offered outside the Play Store and through phising campaigns. At its peak the malware infected more than 13,000 Android devices a day.

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Just another example why encrypting sensitive data makes sense b4 storing it - the whole problem could be easily fixed and, btw, same for all social media web sites.

I wonder will we be out of our technically medieval data stone-age by the next millennium? Data safety is the most appalling aspect of our society and no one wants to fix it.

I doubt anyone could root my phone anytime soon. Sadly, that includes me, as every root method I’ve tried has failed.