Android featured in "PC-like" smartphone

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Texas Instruments and Archos are teaming up to make a portable device whose exact classification is a bit ambiguous.
The “Internet Media Tablet” is similar to Archos’ existing…

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“holds up to 500 GB”??? Up to 500GB? Is that right?

I know, I did a double take too. But that’s what it says on the spec sheet:

Looks good and Archos makes good stuff. Interesting find.

Maybe this will dethrone the Iphone. Apple needs a reality check bad.

(cue Angellic music and golden stream of celestial light bursting through clouds to highlight this genius masterpiece of technology) Enter: IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! Boooo-yahhhhhh baby!:bigsmile:

I had to say one more thing about this I’m so pumped… first of all you’re right about the Apple i needing a reality check…

Second… will this be available through Verizon/Alltel?

Oh… and with the HD Support coming soon (on Archos website the plug-in is 30 pounds I believe, but not available yet, but will be when this is released by Q3 2009) is there any way to integrate this wirelessly with a home 5.1/7.1 surround sound system? How amazing would it be to sit on your couch with this HD 5 inch screen and surf the web, check email, watch blu-ray in 5.1 (supported at this point in time by Archos) and send text messages etc? Too bad they don’t make a 62’’ version of this item!! :cool:

PS: What is compatibility of this with Bluetooth 2.0, and what is compatibility with PC’s wirelessly for uploading/downloading content? In stead of using USB wires, can you do everything wirelessly now? Oh, and with Android, does this have a camera built in, to use the retina-scan security feature or the barcode price check feature? PHEW!