Android devices sent location to Google even when location services are switched off

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Android devices sent their location to Google, even if location services are switched off, according to a post by the website Quartz. Since the beginning of this year Android devices collect addresses of cell towers that are near the user and sent that data to Google.

Because they were busted ?:grin:

Oh good. Google decided to spy on us (again!), but they didn’t “store” or “use” the data. Aren’t we lucky? I guess we’re supposed to think this doesn’t count as spying? IDK about any of you, but this seems like a big fat lie. They weren’t trying to “optimize” anything, except their own ability to know EVERYTHING about you.

And in a few months, we’ll be seeing headlines like this: “Google caught collecting location data again. This time Google was ‘optimizing’ their gmail service (or something). Don’t worry, there’s nothing to see here. Google will stop at the end of the month. They really really REALLY mean it this time.”

Just like they meant it last time.