Android Chrome browser to support Chromecast video streaming



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A post in the Chromium issue tracker shows that Google is adding support for streaming videos from the Android Chrome browser to the Chromecast media player.

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  1. Any estimates as to when we will be able to use a beta version? And what we should do to encourage GOOGLE to get such support to us RSN? Is there a vote collecting suggestion forum for chromecast and ways we can ‘kickstart’ the developments of such augmenting?

  2. As a first step, I’d suggest that a limited browser running in the chromecast dangle, be implemented that would

    2.1 mainly show text, and probably image and gif graphics,
    2.2 have a good bookmarking capability,
    2.3 be able to accept keyboard and mouse movements and clicks from the pbone/tablet
    2.4 jump to another linked URL, or to other chromecast service, with any associated info.

That way there would not be much processing and information flow, but as least I could browse the WEB-1.0, generate and use ‘TOC’ , table of contents pages, and jump to sub areas in supported services.

  1. Is there some protocol to get services, such as Amazon prime… To be encouraged to support us users so that we can pay them, rather than having Google be our agent, and possibly dropping the ball as I feel they may have done with GOOGLE-TV.


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Flash support would be great too… it’s weird that Chrome is the most stable browser on my tablet… both the stock browser & firefox BOTH freeze the tablet when trying to scroll the screen!! ARGH!! That’s one thing that makes me think that tablets were not ready for prime time replacement of laptops-- that and annoyingly loading 5, 10, 15 apps that you never clicked (or never approved/configured to load) in the background… WTF?!?