And you wonder why I loved the NEC ND2500A so much?

Just got my Mad Dog Dominator 6-in-1 from Microcenter that was like $49.99 with a $30 mail-in rebate which is in reality a NEC ND2500A. I flashed it up to Mad Dog 2.F9 when I got it and ran a create data disc with my MCC 02RG20’s that I have (Prodisc 8x DVD-R’s). Never had such pretty results with this media. My BenQ DW1620A previously burnt these the best out of any of the drives an the NEC ND3500AG was just acceptable with them. This is by far the best result I’ve seen out of this media - I love this drive! This replaces my dead 2500A. :bigsmile: :bow: :bow: :bow:

I am also very impressed by this drive. Probably, this is my last DVD-Recorder. I’ll upgrade again when HD-DVD / Blueray are available :wink:

Same here. Nec drives, they should have the energizer bunny slogo…keep going and going and going…and… :bigsmile:

Recently though my burn quality went down badly. It was pretty much after I loaded the extra crap programs from nero, So I dumped EVERYTHING, used the clean tool, and just installed the necessary programs, and voila’ beautiful quality.

whats the deal? i tried looking for it on the microcenter website but couldn’t find it.

This Value TYG02 bought from Supermediastore - burnt at 8x. Not a terrible result although I’ll still burn these in the BenQ for consistency purposes. :slight_smile:

That means, it cost you only $19.99? Great deal!

Yep, still have to fill out the rebate form and stuff tonight so I can get it in the mail tomorrow. At $19.99 I couldn’t pass up not having the NEC ND2500AG again with the way it burns “cheap” media so well - it does some things better than the BenQ DW1620A and is definitely worth having again. :slight_smile: Have it sitting in my Plumax (PL-3507 Prolific chipset) External Enclosure and it’s working like a dream.

I had a 2510 before my 3500 and I’m still missing it badly for some media. At $19.99, I wouldn’t hesistate to have one myself. But living in the Netherlands, we don’t have that kind of nice offers :frowning:

wanna tell me what the deals was braxas??? jeeeez.

I still regret selling my old 2510 :sad:

@Snowpeas: Microcenter Online had this drive at $49.99 and it had a $30 mail-in rebate. I already got the rebate filled out. Just needed a copy of the sales receipt, filled out rebate form, and had to register the drive online at Mad Dog to get the registration number. Also have to include the UPC from the box. It’s all put together to drop in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully won’t be any problems but it was still a good price for the drive even without the rebate so if I don’t get the rebate I won’t complain too terribly much. :slight_smile:

Thats why I put my 2500 back in here for now. It’s still my best drive for doing any junk media at 8x speed, at least becuase of Herrie :slight_smile:
My best all around Turbo drive is my BenQ 1620, then my 3500, but neither burn old junk 4x and slower stuff at 8x as often as this old thing does.

The Mad Dog rebates are awsome except for the fact that they take so long. I think I waited about 6-7 months for mine. Great drive though.

is it this week? or last week? i can’t find it!

The 2500A was by far the best drive I’ve ever had, and I have a Benq 1620 and an NEC 3520 right now. I wish I hadn’t sold it. I would even consider going back to a 2510 and saving some cash (by selling the other 2) but I doubt it’s worth the trouble…

@snowpeas: They are probably completely out of stock. I was lucky to get mine as Mad Dog was still finding small stocks of these on their shelves and they were getting rid of them so that deal is probably done now, I was on back-order for several days before getting the notification my drive shipped.

And I agree, on some media m BenQ is still better but overall the 2500A is great for lesser grade media (I have a bunch of CMC MAG F01’s this drive is absolutely going to chew through and make awesome burns on like nothing I’m sure!) and of course those Prodisc 8x DVD-R’s do great in the 2500A as well. I have about 250 discs here if nothing else that the 2500A can chew through and then the rest are RicohJPNR01’s and the value grade TYG02’s that the BenQ burn. :slight_smile: I’ll have 2 happy drives, can’t complain at all - now my 3500A has been placed in the Mad Dog box for safe storage. :slight_smile:

Hey, your scans are insulting the great 2500A. :slight_smile:

After purchasing BenQ 1620, I scanned a few discs burned by 2500A about a half year ago. Here’s one. (I’m a careless man enough to keep discs in paper sleeves. I really wonder how good it was just after it was burned.) Samsung branded TY T01 disc. I’m not sure of the burning speed, probably 4x, because I didn’t overspeed so often then. Also I confirmed that crappy media were pretty well burned.

Happy to hear that, because I have no scanning capability at all, but… a NEC 2510 since june 2004, doing is job quite well.

Whatever you do, whatever other drives you may buy in the future, don’t sell this one! I still regret trading my 2510 for a 3500. Not that the 3500 is a bad burner, in contrary, but I’d just loved to have them both! The 2510 could do things that the 35xx series still can’t…

@jk736: My media isn’t top notch though of the two scans I posted above. The TY’s are “Value Grade” media bought for $26 per 100 pack spindle and the MCC 02RG20’s looked far worse on any other burner I’ve used them on. I’m sure my drive would do just as good with top notch T01’s as well.