And Yet Another Great BenQ 1620!



Bought and installed another (3) 1620’s today… My friends, family, and alot of my customers are all running this drive. I’ve purchased and installed probably 50 of these since Oct. 04 and have yet to have one fail. Some do test a little better than others but they all work very well…

I must be the lucky one, I just don’t have the quality issue that so many are reporting! :wink: :wink:

Here’s the first burn on one of the new ones today: 12X - MCC004 - B7T9

Edit: chas0039 - not being a smart a$$, honest. Just liked your title…



Had problems with first 2 disks in pack,
But this one was good, not as good as yours but still good.
Burned at 12X on 16x media.
Suspect difference is media variability rather than drive variability.


Hey, I consider imitation a form of flattery. :iagree:

Want to trade your retired 3500 for my retired BenQ? :wink:


I’d love to, unfortunately I’ve sent it down the road…………



Here’s burn 2 thru 5 on this 1620……. Although total PI’s seem unusually higher than normal, this drive gives very good results on various media: All burns @ 12X

Yuden 16X -R (TYG03)
Fuji 8X +R (TY02)
Maxell 8X +R - (Maxell002)
Sony 8X -R - (Sony08D1)


@pcdoc. All great burns, sure wish I could get my hands on some of that TYG03! For now I will just have to look at (O/P) other persons scans.:wink:


You can get them here

Off topic: I noticed in your sig that you’re using the Zalman 7700. What do ya think of it? I’m running the Thermalright XP120 with a 2000rpm 120mm but this 650 is pretty hard to keep temps in line…

Edit: Opps, didn’t realize you’re up north. Rima doesn’t ship there do they?


Off topic: I like the Zalman but the Norhthwood runs pretty cool as you probably know, at this fan speed the hottest I have ever seen my CPU is about 48 degrees C and that is under extreme load! (Very heavy fan tho…). Hehe and yes I am up north were they still ship things by Horse and Buggy or so it seems.:wink:


Yep, if I had temps like that I would think I had died and went to heaven… :slight_smile:


You can probably get them from
That’s where I got mine a month or more ago. Yet to burn a disc though, those are precious, waiting for something worth burning on em. :slight_smile: This place is by far one of the best media stores in the country. Great service, and good pricing; for us in the East, they are amazingly fast with shipping, I usually get my stuff in a day. I would guess NCIX, which is out West, should eventually get the TYG03s, which would probably be good for your area.


@Eluder. Thx for the heads up!! Glad to know someone up here carries the stuff.:slight_smile: