And Yet Another Dead BenQ 1620



No surprise here. My 1 month old BenQ 1620 went from being an average burner and crappy reader to a boat anchor. No light, no open, just clunk.

Now comes the tough question? Do I waste $10 to get another piece of junk or do I cut my losses and trash it?

I’m taking bigmikes advice. This baby is going in the trash where it belongs. I’ll just consider it BenQ’s new promotion… a $50 un-rebate. You send them the money and you get nothing in return.

If any of you BenQ supporters want this drive just send me the $10 shipping and I will be glad to send you the drive and the Newegg invoice. At least then someone will have something. Just what, I don’t really know.


Dying in a month probably explains why your unit was an average burner and a crappy reader.
I bought my 1620 in August last year and it is still going strong.
I do all of my ripping and most of my burning with it still.
I agree from all the reports on here that BenQ had some manufacturing problems.
Is too bad you and others didn’t receive good units.
(maybe they had Plextor manufacture some of them…hehehe) j/k


Sorry to hear that chase0039. You definatley have not had any luck with your BenQ.:frowning:


Thanks for the sympathy guys. At least I’m not suffering alone. This is definitly the last time I buy on impulse. From here on out I am going to stick to only what I really need… except for more discs of course.


Glad I got my BenQ when I did. I don’t know if I’ll honestly buy one of the new drives when it comes time to or not. I’m happy where I’m at for now. I think next time I’ll have to check into either the Plextor or LG drives if worse comes to worse.


i think newegg has got a really bad batch of 1620s.

i would suggest you just send it back and get your money back.

i had mine for 2 months before i returned it and told them i didn’t want another one. they said they would just refund me.


Thanks, I think I will. At least with Newegg I have a chance.


as i said a few times on this forum i think the qual deteriorated… I got my 1st in april this year, mfg Feb this year, and it was pretty average. I took it back then later came across some Aug 2004 models and bought one and it has been great


Newegg has been great, RMA’d an 8 mo. old liteon 811s with a lot of miles on it when it shit the bed and they gave me more than half the original value as a refund. Added another $10 and bought my ND-3500 and lived happily ever after. :wink:


Did you get a OEM or Retail, my OEM is fine but Sportfish thinks that the Retail is good and OEM has problems.

Suggest you return the drive and order the Retail BenQ thru Newegg.
Think BigMike did and it and only cost him $10 extra.
Give it a chance, you might be supprised by the result.

Lots of people on the BenQ forum are happy with their drives.
Think you just got a bad drive.

Know you love the NEC 3500 and 3520 drives, but give BenQ a chance.


Mine was OEM but it came with Retail firmware. Thanks for the suggestions. My BenQ was not a bad drive, it was just that the other drives I had all burned better discs and I use very little +R. Besides, once I get a lemon I don’t buy again unless the product has something worth the trouble; not the case here. Add this to deteriorating quality control as reported many times here and that is the end of me and BenQ. I’ll be saving my drive bay for the forthcoming NEC 4550. That’s what I should have done to began with, but I was looking for some fun.


"Mine was OEM but it came with Retail firmware. "
Maybe they reselled you a used BenQ. =)


My new 1620 OEM came with retail firmware too (B7U9). And other guys get older 1620 OEM with retail firmwares too (B7T9)…


There seems to be an issue with low quality power supply and BenQ 1620.


Newegg said there was nothing they could do, too many returns and problems with BenQ. Mine went out with the AM garbage. May next time I’ll look back to Pioneer. I heard their 110 will be SuperMulti. Interesting how a format that was supposed to be dead (DVD-RAM) has so many new drives being made for it.


You should have RMA it…just my 2 cents…


Dam I would have gave you $10 for it. Then I would have RMA it.


Ya seriously, wasted, hell, even if you’re unhappy with it, at least you coulda RMA’d it to BenQ, got a new or repaired one, and then sold it. You basically literally threw away your money in the garbage.


chas: you should’ve RMA’d it through BenQ directly. That’s what I did when my first one died: I dropped it off at a BenQ-authorised service centre, and 7 days later I had a brand new shipped to my house.

It was extremely easy, and the hardest part was waiting 5 minutes on the phone to talk to a Tech Support guy so I could get an RMA #.

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@chas: sorry to hear that. Guess it’s too late to comment on anything. cheers!

PS: wonder how’s bigmike doing with his 1620?


Yo chas0039-

You did the right thing Bra-

Me - I RMA’ed back to Newegg and they say I’ll get a refund when it’s received-

I have decided to stick with my 3500’s and my AOpen 1648/aap’s and see what happens in the future - as this combo gives me superior burns 100% of the time (got my new Hitachi Ultravision 57" HD TV - and the progressive scan from my JVC looks forever like HD) have got a Panasonic DVD-S77S on the way from Amazon - so will soon see what the HDMI upconverting to 1080i does with the burns-