And the winner is...Watson

IBM’s Watson computer just won a 2 game Jeopardy! Challenge against the previous two money-winning and longest-running champions by an astounding margin.

Watson’s challenge winnings of U$1,000,000 will be donated to World Community Grid and WorldVision (I’ll let you google for yourself), two obviously worthwhile charities (I am sure of this since I donate to both).

As Ken Jennings said in his Final Jeopardy answer, “I for one welcome our computer overlords.” I agree. At least they appear to be using their supercomputing powers for good rather than evil. Although, I think a few weeks of Watson’s time crunching for WCG might be worth more than $500k. How long do you think it would take for the “Watson” team to get to the top of the ranks with 15TB of memory and 80 teraflops/sec?