And the new options CCD

Hello, I have read here that the burning ones that could not copy the SD2 because alone they had 1 sheep, now they can make it thanks to the new tools of the CCD, but what I don’t have left clear and I have not been able to discover, it is where those options are, and if the user can manipulate them to his pleasure.

Thank you.

What are you trying to say or ask? Can you repost this, being a little bit more specific?

hehe. obviously didn’t learn English as a primary language. oh well, i’ve seen worse. Just look at some of the old LiteON manuals… :slight_smile: "Only one recording software can be existed on same pc avioding potential conflict… "

My Lite-On manual says that? HAHAH

I have 10 or so.

Well from what I can gather the copycad is trying to say that he is now able to copy some versions of SD2 (not specific) with his 1 sheep burner, which he was not able to before.

This ability as he has put it is attributed to the new tools in CCD ? ( I am not quite sure what are these tools suppose to be ? )

Well , the copycad, the only tools that you might be refering to would have been the AWS that could work on some burners and not all and possibly the Hide CDR media that allows some copied titles to be played directly from a burner.

The only way a user can manipulate the options, is to create a profile once when reading the disk and once when writing the disk.

Keep in mind the the current version of CCD is not able to correctly duplicate any SD 2.8X no matter what combinations of options you chose.

Although there are a few exceptions, some people have reported success but not every one.