And again a problem with a menu, but mostly for the JVC


I did create a dvd from two small dvd’s, which i even downsized and cut with DVDShrink. After a few tries I’ve got the two movies merged and changed the background from the menu. I kept the Highlights etc as the default.

On the PC, it looks allright. But on the Standalone, with version 3.2.?, he hang with the menu in sight. Reacted to nothing.

Than upgrade/date to 3.4.1 and now the player goes from play to Stop, so I don’t even get to see the menu.

Is this a problem that can be solved? I looked around for a couple of hours, but couldn’t find anything.


PS I was thinking about an PAL/NTSC-solution/problem? My movies are PAL and the picture i “Replaced with Still” too. Could that be a problem? Should I tell DR how to handle it and which mneu he should use, 'cause I saw two Default menu’s later on???

Correct me if I’m wrong, after using the Merge feature in DvdReMake you replaced the startup menu with a customized menu of your own? Have you looked at this GUIDE?

Also read post #7 in selection highlight thread for further explanations.

Update to latest version, 3.5.3, and you find it works correctly assuming you authored the menu correctly.

Not quite. I replaced the background picture with another Still Image.

Used this one for the replacement of the Background Picture:

Used this one for Creating the Dummy:

So I did nothing Fancy, only replaced the Still Image. Even have the same Highlights as the default. But on the JVC, it doesn’t work.

Hope this cleares things up.


Is the background picture 24-bit BMP? 3.4.1 has problem with Replace with still in some cases. Please try 3.5.3, as I don’t have a problem doing what you did.