Anarchy Online Basic - Now free until January 2008?

I read about this in a gaming mag, and it seems to be set on their site too:

Anyone played this game? Is it worth it?

I mean, free client, free gaming till 2008? Sounds like a winner, provided the game doesn’t suck. :slight_smile:

well have you tried it yet Bearded?

I tried it and found it complicated and fugly.

mmmmkay thanks Airy…i’ll just skip the download

I have not yet - I will try it soon I think. I mean, hey, it’s FREE and I’ve never tried an MMO before.


Well yes it is free so do try. Perhaps they have made it more intuitive since I last tried.

Tried it yet? I’d be interested to hear what you think

Not yet - we had power outages here, so I had some catching up to do on some things. Plus, this NASA space shuttle space walking thing is kinda distracting me.

I will try to get to it. It’s just not a priority yet.

Power outages bad! Sorry to hear that.

I’ve been playing Civilization III demo this week - may actually go and buy the game now (depending on what Santa brings for Christmas anyway :slight_smile: )

I’m still having a great time with Rise of the Witch King. I finished playing all 69 skirmish levels. Too many of 'em were 2 player. I prefer 6 to 8 player setups.