AnandTech visits Computex Taiwan spots BenQ Serial ATA drive

I just posted the article AnandTech visits Computex Taiwan spots BenQ Serial ATA drive.

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this story over at AnandTech. What we may find interesting is,
they got a shot of BenQ’s lineup of…

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Blu-ray has to be in a cartridge? :r

Those guys are bastards…they are simply trying to sway peoples opinions on Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray Dual Layer is already confirmed as being 50Gb and the proposed spec is going to be without a cartridge! Blu-Ray is far better technically then HD-DVD, don’t let the shitty standard win just like shitty VHS over Betamax! IMO 30gb is not enough for HD content…50gb will allow higher bit-rates giving an overall better picture (obviously)

And I suppose we’ll just take your word for it…care to provide some links?

.1mm = small stray particles obscuring massive amounts of data = probably needs a cartridge

But, as DamnedIfIknow noted, no dual-layer media was to be found anywhere. Strange. Ritek, CMC, Prodisc among others were displaying DL media so maybe the Anandtech guy should check his sight. Most if not all of them were probably just mock-ups though. Regarding the HD-DVD vs. BD, not much right by Prodisc there: WTF do they mean with RAM? There is no 30 GB version of BD (if things haven’t changed recently). Cartridge is not necessary for BD. There will be bare discs most likely using TDK’s hard coat technology. BD will be backward compatible with CD/DVD and Sony had press release recently about a single 3-wavelenth PUH prototype.

Official specs are somewhere on

Blu-ray RAM? Prodisc invented it. :B The original Blu-ray is rewritable and the write-once version is called BD-ROM. The capacity of Blu-ray Disc (single layer) is 23GB, 25GB, and 27GB. 50GB dual layer Blu-ray was announced sometime ago. Anyway, 16x/4x SL/DL S-ATA drive sounds great. No, with the added support for “no-cartridge” usage to the Blu-ray Disc specification it currently looks like the cartridge will be optional, but we still haven’t heard of any definitive decision about this issue. There is research going on to hard-coat the surface to protect the discs from dust and fingerprints without requiring a cartridge, which looks very promising. By making the cartridge optional manufacturers will be able to downsize drives for PC usage and lower their media production costs.

Just head over to scroll down and you’ll see several news items about Sony and Matsushita (Panasonic) offering 50GB recorders.