AnandTech takes a look at the LG GSA-4120B

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Here is a review of the LG 'Super-Multi dual-layer" DVD burner from over at the excellent AnandTech site. Looks like this drive will handle just about any format including the much…

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Much-maligned DVD-RAM, eh. I honestly don’t undestand why. Editability on disc without erasing the whole disc and rewriting like with +R and -R. Drag and drop ease without crappy third party packet-writing software? Better defect management/error correction. 100,000 rated rewrite cycles as opposed to 1,000? What’s not to like. Speed and cost of discs is all I can think of, along with the search for compatible players, but it’s a great archive format and floppy/zip/whatever replacement, and I’m glad I finally bought into the ‘secret’ DVD-RAM non-hype. Top format, and until something comes along that can do as well as it does in these areas, I’ll stick to it - as far as personal archiving goes on the PC, that is. Sure beats paying the same amount of money for a new zip drive and a boatload for media. Or another hard drive, which are sensitive creatures at the best of times, never to be trusted for long-term archival. Phew. Had to get that off my chest. Yes, I DO feel better now. :g

DVD-RAM is a good format held back by those issues you mention in addition to the fact most dvd players won’t play them so consumers are looking for something more versatile and compatible. As for the 100,000 times rewrite ability, I would assume 99% of people wouldn’t even burn on their dvd-rw discs 1000 times :g

Why is Sony DRU-700A better than LG GSA-4120B? Maybe DRU-700A costs US$80 for Anandtech guys? ND-2500A and SOHW-812S are surely much cheaper but why DRU-700A?

A typical LG unit, continuing a grand tradition which started with the 4040b: “I look great on paper and fall significantly short on delivery when the rubber meets the road” I won’t waste money on DVD burners from that company, thank-you-very-much…