Anandtech reviews preproduction Sony DRU-700a dual-layer



I just posted the article Anandtech reviews preproduction Sony DRU-700a dual-layer.

  The AnandTech website has an exclusive review that  I somehow missed yesterday. A little late as we had figured that these drives  would be available last month. But, now we see they are...
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I read the article and even though Anandtech tries to give it a positive conclusion in reality dual layer (at least for now) sucks (and Anandtech is afraid to say so, perhaps they want to stay in good terms with Sony for future dardware previews). You have to burn at 2.4x, so an entire DVD9 disc takes 45mins while two DVD5 discs only takes 15mins total. Plus errors on the 1st layer amplify errors on the 2nd layer so for something important like a backup, dual layer is NOT a good solution as you must assume half of yoru data can easily die.


It’s not as exclusive as they’d like, we’ve had the review for a week already. As far as I know, errors on the first layer are not amplified on the second. I have no idea where the author got that.


I was about to add myself that had reviewed a pre-production DL machine some time ago. I did infact submit it as a news item, but it never got listed…:c


Our tests also show low compatibility. I guess there will have to be made a lot of improvements there. @ Gristy: That’s strange, usually submits like this will certainly be posted! And reviews are almost always posted here as wel…


Well, we really haven’t done a full review of the drive. I’m waiting for a full retail unit (non-preproduction) to show up, as well as more media. So does anyone know whether Gigabyte really has beta firmware updates, enabling double layer?


Yeah I was suprised it wasn’t posted given the connection between the two sites…nevermind…perhaps it just slipped through the net…