Anand reviews the LG4120

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Final Thoughts
By checking multiple types of media, and not just high end media, we found some fairly unsettling characteristics of the LG GSA-4120B. In particular, the lower quality DVDRs produced particularly poor burns, some of which where unreadable in other burners. We were also slightly troubled by the unusually high CPU usages while reading discs. Even with a 2.4GHz Pentium 4, our test bed struggled to keep up at 8X while reading DVDRs.

As 5X DVD-RAM and 12X DVD+R media catch on, the GSA-4120B will become a more attractive option for end users. Unfortunately, the only real media ready for 12X (Ricoh and Yuden) has not found its way into the mainstream retail markets yet - we are even having trouble finding some with which to test our drives. As with the Plextor 712A, we were disappointed that the LG burner did not burn 12X on the 8X rated MCC 003 discs.

Fortunately, the GSA-4120B does make an excellent 8X burner. More options for burning 12X would have been welcomed, but until we see larger media saturation, we are more or less stuck with our options for now. With the exception of the cheap Platinum branded discs, the burner performed excellently as far as media quality is concerned. With unofficial firmwares, we are capable of setting the booktype as well, something that the Plextor PX-712A cannot offer.

If you need the DVD-RAM functionality, the GSA-4120B is one of the better options, simply because it performs well enough to replace an additional 8X DVD recorder. However, if you want the ultra slow 2.4X DVD+R9 capability, you may be better off grabbing an $80 NEC 2510 or Sony DRU-700A.

Although the LG GSA-4120B was an excellent product with a good media bundle and great 8X burn speeds, we find it hard to call it an excellent 12X burner without any media support. When we revisit our GSA-4120B during our upcoming 12X DVDR round up, hopefully we will see more 16X and 12X support from media manufacturers so we can give the LG GSA-4120B a second, proper examination.

What does they mean by “without any media support”? If they said “not fast enough for 12x” then I can understand but hard to call it an excellent 12x burner without any media support? And what’s the matter with GSA-4120B’s DL writing? Perhaps Anandtech is too poor to test DL properly.

The recorded DL media play well in DVD players/readers.

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