Anamorphic widescreen encoding with AviSynth + CCE SP2

Hello mates,

I’m trying to make a NTSC DVD-Video that:

a) When played on a standard 4:3 TV, black bars are inserted to the top and bottom of the image (allowing the movie to be viewed in letterbox format)
b) When played on a widescreen 16:9 TV, the image stretches back to its original rectangle shape.

My source specs are:

Resolution: 592 x 320
FPS: 25 (PAL)
AR: 1.85:1 (16:9)

About the AviSynth script, should I use:

AddBorders(0, 67, 0, 67)


AddBorders(0, 10, 0, 10)

or none?

…also, in CCE SP2, which frame rate should I use? the original (25) or a NTSC one?

As a side note: The Auto AviSynth Script from AVStoDVD shows BicubicResize(720,576,0,0.5) and AddBorders(0,6,0,6) …that makes sense, since it’s a PAL video, but I want to encode to NTSC. Should I leave 720x576 as the frame size or should I change it to 720x480 anyway?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

For an NTSC dvd, you’ll need 720 x 480 resolution and 29.97fps.

There are a couple other resolutions that are acceptable for NTSC dvd video, like 704 x 480 and Half D1 352 x 480, but as far as I am aware, only the 720 x 480 can be used with anamorphic video.

You don’t mention your audio. Use AC3 for best compatibility, as MP2 isn’t supported universally with NTSC dvds.

But you really don’t want me to try and advise you on AviSynth scripts! :slight_smile: I use them when I have to, but am definitely not well versed on them.

Thanks for answering Kerry56 :slight_smile:

But, being honest, it didn’t resolve my main question here… maybe because it’s quite hard for me to explain what I’m trying to achieve.
What I’m basically trying to do is encode a PAL video to an anamorphic NTSC DVD-Video, without having a squeezed video on a standard TV or a square image on a wide TV, and without sync problems. I’ve been told to encode using the original 25 FPS and then use DGPulldown to flag it up to 29.97 FPS, but the problem here is the resolution: CCE SP2 automatically forces the frame size to 720x576 when using 25 FPS! I want 720x480.

Don’t worry about the audio, I’m processing it separately using VirtualDub and BeSweet when necessary.


[I]Nevermind that, as FulciLives from the forums said:

In CCE if you leave FOR DVD checkmarked it will resize to a PAL resolution when you set the frame rate to 25fps so you have to uncheck that option. If all your other settings are “on mark” then the encoding will be good.

Did you happen to read and use the FitCD method that FulciLives recommends?..Use FitCD, and import your source file, and it will create an avs file which you can then import in CCE…

t0nee1, I don’t really like FitCD, it’s round values aren’t very accurate… I prefer to do it the manual way.

I’ll check it out again anyway. Thanks.