Anamorphic DivX?

I’ve been playing around recently converting various video formats to Divx (Xvid actually, but same difference!). I’m a quality freak so I’ve been using the highest resolution that my standalone supports (720x576) and reasonably high bitrates. As I’ve got a 16:9 TV, I’ve been using anamorphic frame sizes and using the wide setting on the TV to get the correct aspect ratio. (i.e. 4:3 or 16:9 movie encoded as 720x576, 2.35:1 encoded as 720x436).

Is there any way to get these movies to play with the correct aspect ratio on a 4:3 TV? i.e. does the divx standard and/or players have any support for anamorphic widescreen?



I know that my Philips DVD/Divx player displays the correct DAR(Display Aspect Ratio)…Set your player to 4:3 DAR for your 4:3 TV…FWIW, I view all my flicks on WS sets…

Is the DAR in a divx file independent of the frame aspect ratio, then? For example: I have a 2.40:1 film encoded at 720x426 and mediainfo reports the DAR as 1.690. Can I change this to 2.40 in the avi header and get the right result?

I’ve just used Mpeg4Modifier to do this with a small avi file and it worked as expected with VLC player; now I just have to test it with my standalone.

The MpegModifier change didn’t work on my standalone player. Does anyone know if the display aspect ratio setting is part of the divx standard and just not supported on my player or if it is not included in the standard?