Analyzing timeframe?




I just purchased the bundles and I would like to copy a dvd but this window that is showing "Analyzing, wait please…’ is taking forever
Is this normal?



Hi mcdonald,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Which software do you use? The image attached is not very clear. Could you please send a new screen shot about the problem? (show all the parameters)



Hi mcd0nald and welcome to the forums. :flower:

When you’re taking that screen dump press Alt+PrintScreen instead of just PrintScreen and it will only copy the smaller active window, not the entire desktop.

That should help make it a lot more legible.



Probably either a bluray disc that is too big to be analyzed or a scratched disc.


Welcome to the forums, mcdonald. I saved the image but it’s illegible like the attached one. waiting for your new screenshot so that we can better help you.