Analyzing and Burning slow




I am using DVDFAB Platinum

Not sure what the problem but earlier Analyzing and Burning took 10-15 mins each but now for some reason it takes 35 mins each. e.g. Writes at 1.4x (1.96 MB/s) now.

I am using the same PC, same DVD burner, same drivers etc. etc. Bsically no change in my Hardware/Software.

How can I tell DVDFAB to use a faster speed (like it did eariler)




Sounds like you computer switched to the PIO mode instead of the DMA mode, you need to check that



How can I check/change this setting?



If you are using DVDFAB then under settings General there is a DMA Reset button just click that or else look at a post from StormJumper and in his signature there is a DMA reset instruction



Thanks that was exactly the problem.

Thanks a lot!



You’re welcome :slight_smile: and happy burning:bigsmile:


Jimbo saves the day :bigsmile: good job my friend :clap:


thanks to you guys, what little I know I learned from you :slight_smile:


I second that Jimbo. People like yourself and Tim and the multitudes of very smart people on this forum have taught me sooo much about Fab. Thanks all ~ Mike