Analysts Say MS Will Lose on X-Box

I just posted the article Analysts Say MS Will Lose on X-Box….

Analysts say the X-Box will not pay off on the short run and rumours have it they even delay the lauch in japan…
Some analysts are predicting that it could take as long as five years for the…

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One word: Halo :9

would you trust an analyst to wipe his/her own arse … not me :+

I wouldn’t under estimate the bovine masses to line up like lambs to the slaughter to spend perfectly good money on another one of Microsofts quality products. :r

How wants to boy “X-Box” anyway? How wants Ps2…me…With mod…but hole crap is too… expensive…no time to play… :r

Well the name of Nintendo’s GAMECUBE will prevail after the gamble of Microsoft’s X-Bot will unfortunately fail. Microsoft should just stick with trying to get “Windows” to run right.

Hmmm the XBOX eh nice machine. Cool specs and awesome backing … :o FOR ME TO POOP ON :+