Analysts: PlayStation next generation console winner



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GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us
that according to analysts, the war for supremacy between the next generation of
game consoles is already over and Sony (PlayStation)…

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As someone old enough to remember the first consoles, there has not been a dominant console manu. that was not unseated. Atari 2600 was king, then NES was King, then Genesis was King and later the S-NES eventually turned it into a dead heat, then PSX was king unseating Nintendo. Who knows what will happen with PS3, XB2 and I would not count Nintendo out completely, though I don’t know if they’re planning on competing or giving up on the large consoles to concentrate on the handhelds, which they have dominated for a long time, now. Too early to really make reliable predictions at this point. No doubt that Sony has a very large head start, but the XBox is not exactly a slouch. BTW, I could not care less who wins or loses, just putting a bit of perspective on the whole prediction thing.
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Well duh, you’re talking about a system that was out for what, almost 2 years ahead of its competition? Of course it’s going to have more units out there. Mind you, several of these so called 70 million are 2nd purchases for failed consoles. ie: “my PS2 broke, I’m going to buy another one.” The Xbox had it’s issues in terms of reliability, but it was far better than the PS2. The Xbox didn’t sell well in Japan simply cause it didn’t have those weird games that Japanese gamers enjoy.
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Err… yeah aren’t these the exact same “anal-ysts” (Anal being the appropriate word) that predicted that Sony would have no chance against Nintendos total domination of the consoles in the 80’s? As usual they are doing job creation for themselves as experts before the fact, lets wait and see which console actually wins this time before predicting shall we? It might end up being none of them, people get fed up being ripped off with game prices, it could even be a console we don’t even know about yet! I think the more interesting war will be the Handheld battle of Sony attempting to knock Nintendos Gameboy on its arse.
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It’s quite disgusting to see how the management at Nintendo succeeded in destroying the leadership of the big N in the home environment. :r It’s all about a lack of vision during the release of the N64. What the hell did they though sending out a console without a CD and with limited and expensive cartridge, when also a baby could have seen the market was ready for the CD revolution??? You should know about it but Square decided to leave Nintendo for this very reason. And you should know that among the best selling games for the Playstation there are all the Final Fantasy titles that before were only available for the Nintendo consoles. And this is only one example of software houses leaving Nintendo for the cartridge feature of their new console. It’s all their fault if we have Sony so strong in these days. I don’t count Microsoft since it’s a new comer and lack market, vision and history. What they can do is still unpredictable and the voices that are spreading on the internet about the next Xbox… No comment about that! And it’s really a sheme also for us. Nintendo IS good in creating good games and if they decide to concentrate only in the handheld market we are going to loose some great games in the future. This whole story makes me really mad! :frowning:


Or Nintendo could just decide to become third party… in which case we’d all win…


1,000 times faster processor in PS3… havent them sony people been singing that song since before the release of PS2?
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If the “quality” of the PS3 will be the same as the PS2, many people will turn away from Sony, no matter what they offer and at what price. MS knows the PS2 faults very well, and plays well when they offer a much reliable product than Sony. I have been in the console bussines for many years, but the most unreliable one is PS2 that’s sure. And if I were a gamer, I’d never touch a PS2, especially if the warranty is over somehow…:stuck_out_tongue:




“MS knows the PS2 faults” If MS knows high likely that SOny knows too :smiley: :wink:


Doesn’t seem so. If Sony knew its own problems, they really would do anything to solve them. Unfortunatelly they do nothing (except selling more units, and grabbing up the money) still a lot of blown BA/LA chips on their boards. Comparing to Xbox, where a dead motherboard is quite rare. And let’s not talk about the PS2 lasers, compared to the Xbox’s laser it’s nothing but crap…:r


Xbox 2 for me. Forget the Sony crap. :r


As wie say in good’ol germany: Sony = So nie! stop buyin sony products - all they want is your money - probs dont care them in anyway…