Analysts "baffled" by Microsoft CES announcements, silences

Analysts “baffled” by Microsoft CES announcements, silences.

[newsimage][/newsimage]After being quite underwhelmed by the CES 2011 Microsoft Press Event held Wednesday afternoon, I was highly anticipating hearing what CEO Steve Ballmer had to say in his keynote address that evening. Unfortunately, at the end of it, I was left unimpressed and unfulfilled by what Ballmer and his team had presented. While scanning articles touting industry analysts’ opinions the next day, I got the distinct impression that many felt the same way I had. 

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I think some in the Computer-press are talking out both sides of their mouths on this issue

the difference between “mouse behavior” and a pure “touch” interface is a two edged sword.

Because after recently reading a review of the iPad by someone familiar with Windows driven Tablets (one would presume a Fujitsu/Seimens)
they complained on the lack of a “hover” effect with the iPad when browsing
which is at best inconvenient.

Frankly there really isn’t all that much difference between the true "tablet edition"
of Windows and the normal version of XP, what would they actually expect from a Tablet edition of Windows 7?

Frankly I’d expect another hasty relabeling job, and I suspect those in the media would be completely snookered by that type of petty chicanery… Hey! it worked last time…

Frankly I have (and still use) my Old Fujitsu tablet the only thing annoying about it is it requires a stylus to function rather than a finger.
Though I wonder how you would accomplish a left-click with a fingertip…?

Somewhere between Windows Tablet behavior and iPad touch behavior is a happy medium that’ll make the majority happy (and royally P–s Off everyone else)
But I don’t see it hitting the shelves of Best Buy this weekend… or next

I think the majority of the moaning and whining is those who expect instant gratification from the manufacturers of their toys…

I really wish some members of the press would try freezing themselves like Eric Cartman in the episode of South Park where he couldn’t stand waiting another three weeks for the new Wii to come out…

Don’t worry, I’ll definatly remember to NOT thaw them out.


Touch, hover, whatever…Microsoft are dysfunctional and I doubt they will get their act together for making a proper MS based touch o/s.

Microsoft reminds me of my grandmother with Dementia, she see’s things that aren’t there, and having a blast doing it. With Gates AWOL and Ballmer left in control, they will become irrelevant in about 5 years. Now with (Bomber) dropping anyone relevant to anything “techy”, maybe google will release an OS and really screw up the market?