Analyst: tablets are now the 'primary video device'

Analyst: tablets are now the ‘primary video device’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Tablet technology has come a long way in a short time. A new report exploring how consumers actually use their tablets found that the device is slowly but surely becoming a one-stop shop for movie and TV viewers.

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I never thought I would but when I traveled overseas last winter I loaded up the Rome series on my iPad to watch on the plane etc… and I’ve watched an occasional episode of Family Guy on it at home (all using CineXplayer). I realized that the iPad screen from 18"-24" viewing distance looks similar in size to my 42" plasma from 6 -8 feet.

No its not a primary video device for me I’d rather watch on a big screen TV and home theater system. And there’s no way I’ll be paying any content providers for content. My cable bill is high enough and I won’t even think about scrapping cable until the NHL streams live games for reasonable price and the bandwidth isn’t an issue.

But one thing I keep harping on re. my iPad, it needs freaking stereo speakers !! The lack of this is very evident when watching video in landscape mode, the audio isn’t stereo and I don’t want to wear headphones. Sighhhh…

Tablets, televisions and phones are headed towards a singularity–a point at which it (whatever morph ‘it’ becomes) will be worn on the finger and all of a hairless, twisted humanity will creep about muttering “precious”, and occasionally, “my”.